Join us!

We are actively recruiting postdocs, PhDs, full-time research assistants/lab techs and undergraduate research assistants to join our group. We are particularly interested in candidates who have a strong foundation in machine learning and/or computational neuroscience. If the lab seems like a good fit, don’t feel shy to reach out!

PhD applicants- If you’re interested in working in our lab, please mention “Meenakshi Khosla” as a potential PI on your PhD application to UCSD Cognitive Science. For the 2023-24 cycle, we are only able to recruit through the Cognitive Science PhD program.

Our team prioritizes creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds and identities. We’re big on supporting each other and learning together!

  • 9500 Gilman Drive, CSB 247, San Diego, CA 92093
  • Enter the Cognitive Science Building and take the stairs to Office 247 on Floor 2